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Yuantong Century Resumption Epidemic Prevention Plan
Yuantong Century Resumption Epidemic Prevention Plan
Yuantong Century Resumption Epidemic Prevention Plan

In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, and achieve "early prevention, early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early disposal", the company is Notice of the Plan (Trial Version 4) (National Health Office CDC [2020] No. 77) "Notice on Printing and Distributing Pneumonia Prevention and Control Plan for New Coronavirus Infection (Third Edition) (National Health Office CDC [ 2020] No. 80) ", to formulate this plan.

First, the purpose

Prevent the import of new coronavirus pneumonia infection sources, guide employees to do personal protection, strictly disinfect in specific places, timely detect, report, and dispose of the epidemic, and make every effort to curb the spread and spread of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

Scope of application

It is applicable to guide the production enterprises to carry out the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia.

Work requirements

Adhere to prevention first, implement grid-based, carpet-style management, and achieve "early prevention, early detection, early reporting, early isolation, and early treatment."

Fourth, prevention and control measures

(I) Strengthen organizational leadership and implement responsibilities

Enterprises should strictly implement the responsibility of the main body of the epidemic prevention and control, establish a leading organization for corporate epidemic prevention and control led by the chief person in charge of the enterprise, clarify the health professionals, assemble the prevention and control materials, and implement various prevention and control measures as required.

(2) Establish and improve prevention and control plans and emergency plans

1. Improve employee pre-job inspection, absence tracking due to illness, ventilation and disinfection. It is necessary to establish a system for recording abnormal conditions such as fever of employees, and designate a special person to be in charge of contacting the unemployed to understand the daily health status and register.

2. Develop a response plan for new coronavirus pneumonia. Prepare for emergency isolation and medical observation sites.

(3) Good material protection for epidemic prevention and control

1. Set up a special room for temporary isolation and medical observation. The facility requirements were implemented in accordance with the New Coronavirus Infection Prevention and Control Plan (Third Edition).

2. Make good material reserves. Requirement of medical masks, thermometers, rapid hand disinfection solution, 84 disinfectant solution, 75% alcohol, 0.5% peroxyacetic acid, sprayer (ultra-low capacity), disinfection personnel personal protective equipment and other reserves of prevention and control materials.

(IV) Preliminary preparations for resumption of work

1. Organize personnel to rework in an orderly manner

Enterprise employees should be in place in batches, and first arrange employees in the city or non-epidemic areas, and areas with mild epidemics to return to work. The staff in the epidemic area will not return until the epidemic is over. For returning employees, register in time, monitor body temperature and symptoms, and report relevant information to the park in a timely manner.

The specific principles for the resumption of employees are as follows: First, employees of enterprises that are still in Hubei and persuaded them to suspend their return to work; second, for newly recruited employees of "E", enterprise employees who have returned from Hubei and related personnel, they will all adopt home Isolation or isolation at a designated place (since the date of arrival in Changsha, the quarantine must be observed for 14 days); Third, for those who have a history of travel or residence in the area where the local case continues to spread within 14 days, they will be taken at home or separated Isolation at the designated place (since the day of arrival in Changsha, the quarantine period must be 14 days); Fourth, those who have symptoms such as respiratory symptoms, fever, chills, fatigue, diarrhea, conjunctival congestion, etc., should be ruled out by professional medical institutions Work can be resumed after infection. Fifth, for those who have recently come into contact with fever, they must be isolated at home or at a designated place (since the last contact date, the quarantine period must be 14 days, or the contact object should be excluded from the new coronavirus). infection).

2. Complete disinfection of the factory, office, dormitory and restaurant areas in advance.

3. Material reserves are in place. Each employee is equipped with at least 2 medical masks every day, and a sufficient amount of thermometers and sterilization supplies are stored.

(5) Daily prevention and control work after resuming work

1. Strengthen employee health monitoring. A designated person is set daily to set a temperature measurement point in a specific area (gateway, workshop door, collective dormitory area, etc.). Each employee and visiting person must wear a mask, take a temperature measurement, and make a registration.

2. Strengthen the monitoring of suspected symptoms, and those who have suspected symptoms should take the initiative to report. When suspected objects such as fever, fatigue, dry cough, and chest tightness appear, various protective measures should be taken immediately, sent to the nearest fever clinic, and reported to the competent authority, and assist professional institutions to carry out relevant investigation and disposal.

3. Do a good job in disinfecting the environment in densely populated areas. The main focus is cleaning, supplemented by preventive disinfection. Clean and disinfect at any time when contaminated to ensure a clean and hygienic working environment. Stop or reduce the use of central air-conditioning, do cleaning and disinfection, and maintain indoor air circulation. The plant area, workshop, hallway, corridor, meeting room, elevator, staircase, toilet, canteen, collective dormitory, vehicles entering and exiting must be disinfected daily (see attachment for details).

4. Strengthen health education. Employees are required to wear masks and carry out "hand hygiene" education, and various places are equipped with hand-washing faucets, hand-washing liquid, paper towels or hand dryers. Advocate employees to develop a good habit of washing their hands often. Reduce unnecessary meetings, dinners, etc. Canteens use divided meals to avoid staff concentration.

(6) Prevention and control work after an epidemic

After the outbreak of the enterprise, under the dispatching command of the prevention and control headquarters of each district, county and city, the company will deal with it according to the "Pneumonitis Prevention and Control Plan for New Coronavirus Infection (Third Edition)".

(7) If the referenced prevention and control plan is updated, it shall be implemented in accordance with the latest plan published by the state.

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